Superfine Aglime

Superfine Aglime is a soil ‘conditioner’ that balances your soil’s pH, to get to the optimum pH. Kennedy Creek Aglime is an earthen source of lime which consists of fine crystals which means it is an ‘Aglime Clay’ or ‘Aglime Chalk’. This Superfine Aglime is washed into the soil without dissolving and then reacts with soil acidity within the root zone.


Professional Use: for best results, always apply based upon soil test recommendations.

Domestic Use: as a general guide, apply two handfuls per square metre per year.

For best results, incorporate into the soil or irrigate following application.

We encourage all users to have their soil tested and apply any product based upon result recommendations.


Kennedy Creek Aglime POWDER ONLY - 300 micronTest Method
Neutralising Value>90%% of pure CaCO3 in acid
Fine Material (<0.25mm)>99%AS3638
Calcium (Ca) as Calcium Carbonate>28%X-ray Diffraction

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