Aglime is a soil conditioner that balances the soil's pH levels, ensuring that existing soil nutrients and fertilisers are readily available for use by plants. Regular application helps to maintain the soil's pH and stop the natural trend of increased acidity.

Ultrafine Aglime

Ultrafine Aglime has the same properties as our standard Aglime, however, due to it's ultrafine consistency, it is able to condition the soil at a faster pace.

Aglime Grit

Aglime Grit is the same as Kennady Creek Aglime and is used where a dust-free application is required.

An example application is for cattledry licks or aerial depression.


Dolomite is a soil sweetener that supplies essential calcium and magnesium  to soil and plants. It is used by fruit growers and for other crops that need to make sugar. 

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Carbon Clay is a unique form of soil ameliorant that is mass produced for large scale rehabilitation work in the Bowen Basin.


Zeolite helps prevent the leaching of nutrients and fertilisers from the soil. It is used in horticulture applications and potting mixes.

Eco Friendly Kitty Litter

Our Kitty Litter mix is eco-friendly, non-toxic and absorbs 100% of it's weight. 

It is made from earthen limestone and can also be used as a garden fertiliser. 

Hydrasorb 100

Our Hydrasorb 100 is eco-friendly, non-toxic and absorbs 100% it own weight in oil. It is made from earthen Limstone and can also be used as a garden fertiliser. Keep some in your workshop or garage.

FertAg 0-8-0

FertAg 0-8-0 is a fused phosphate fertiliser (known as FMP), manufactured as high temperatures from naturally occurring minerals and suitable for organic or conventional farming. It is insoluble in water, fully plant available and greatly reduces unnecessary contamination of creeks, rivers and reef systems.


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