We produce Aglime, Dolomite and special blends for the Agriculture and Mining Sectors.

Natural Environmental Solutions

Kennedy Creek Lime is located between Rockhampton and Mackay in Central Queensland.  

We operate to a strict Quality Assurance program that ensures all products meet expectations. We consult with professional and private groups to ensure that our products continue to deliver desired results.

Kennedy Creek Lime can also provide bulk quantities of the following products and any required testing:

  • Organic Soil Ameliorant
  • A source of plant available Calcium (C), Magnesium (Mg), Silicon (Si) and Phosphorus (P)
  • pH Neutralisation
  • Acid Sulphate Soil Neutralising

Look After Your Soil

It takes 500 years for just 25mm of soil to be created naturally. With this in mind, whether you are a farmer or a keen gardener, your soil is important to you. 

Our products will rejuvenate soils and prevent vital nutrients leaching away from your crops/plants whilst keeping its pH balance neutral for optimal growing potential.


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