FertAg 0-8-0

FertAg is is a fused phosphate fertiliser often referred to as FMP. It is manufactured at high temperature from naturally occurring minerals and because there is no chemical change, it is suitable for organic or conventional farming. Insoluble in water yet fully plant available, FertAg greatly reduces unnecessary contamination of creeks, rivers and reef systems.

Reasons to use FertAg:
  • Soil loss through leaching is up to 22 times less than for soluble Phosphorus sources
  • Easy to store, will not cake or solidify
  • Will not corrode equipment when residues are left in place
  • Is not harmful to animals, humans or plants
  • Cannot be overdosed on plants
  • Is safe to use around stock and graze in treated areas
  • Flows evenly and rapidly when dry
  • Easy to mix with other compatible fertilisers
  • Is acid soluble
  • Is water insoluble
  • Is 95% citrate soluble
  • Is 95% plant available
  • Remains available in Phosphorus fixing soils, resisting Iron (Fe) and Aluminium (Al) tie up
  • Removes a proportion of Fe and Al ions from soil solution
  • Forms Fe and Al silicates that absorb nutrients and moisture.  A boost in soil microbial life that improves soil health and a significant change in raising pH from say 5.5 to 6.5 often occurs as a result.
  • Releases silicates to plants and the soil which improve plant resistance to a range of insects and diseases
  • Reduces metabolic nutrient deficiencies in animals with grass tetany or milk fever
  • Will observe animals preferential grazing FertAg treated areas
  • Increases and extends the grazing period in forage and pasture species


Professional Use: for best results, always apply based upon soil test recommendations based on phosphorus deficiencies.

Domestic Use: as a general guide, apply two shovels per square metre per year.

For best results, incorporate into the soil or irrigate following application.

We encourage all users to have their soil tested and apply any product based upon result recommendations.


FertAg 0-8-0
Neutralising Value>60%
Calcium (Ca) as Calcium Oxide>23%
Magnesium (Mg) as Magnesium Oxide>10%
Silica (Si)>11%
Citrate Insoluble Phosphorus>0.4%
Citrate Soluble Phosphorus>7.6%
Total Soluble Phosphorus>8.0%

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