Bentonite Carbonate Clay

Kennedy Creek Lime makes a Bentonite Carbonate Clay. This is a unique form of soil ameliorant for the following reasons:

The clay is a fine-grained medium which has been sundried and crushed to make it easy to spread using mechanical spreaders. It is mass produced for large scale jobs in the Bowen Basin, including mine site spoil rehabilitation.

In the same way that all good potting mixes have 10% volcanics to ensure successful plant propagation (eg zeolite, volcanic clays etc), this volcanic Bentonite Carbonate clay turned into the top 100mm of soil, will boost any plant growth by creating the optimum mix of silt, sand and clay.
It provides your healthy soil building project with a kick-start of calcium, magnesium, silicon and trace nutrients. It should ideally be applied blended with FertAg 0-8-0 and Potassium Sulphate fertiliser for a complete fertiliser application which is non-leaching.

Farming soil needs to contain a mixture of sand, silt, clay and loam. After 50 years of farming, especially since we stopped ripping, the clay slowly weathers and dissolves and the soil becomes unbalanced without clay. This results in low CEC values. Farmers may need to replace the clay to get back to the optimum mix. Adding compost or manure to improve CEC is not as cost-effective as our Bentonite Carbonate Clay, as microbes eat the organic material quickly over a year or two, but clay remains for decades.

Displayed (to the side) are links for two different research papers on the benefits of Bentonite Clay for Queensland cane farmers.

Spreaders are available for application and hire.


Professional Use: typically 10, 20 or 30t/Ha and tilled into the top 100mm of soil.

Domestic Use: as a general guide, apply two shovels per square metre per year.

For best results, incorporate into the soil or irrigate following application.

We encourage all users to have their soil tested and apply any product based upon result recommendations.


Kennedy Creek Bentonite Carbonate ClayTest Method
Neutralising Value>50%% of pure CaCO3 in acid
Fine Material (<0.25mm)>50%AS3638
Calcium (Ca) as Calcium Carbonate>20%X-ray Diffraction
Magnesium (Mg) as Magnesium Carbonate>4%X-ray Diffraction

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